We translate...
...texts from German into English and vice versa. We’re certified by the IHK Düsseldorf and the British Chamber of Commerce. We’re quite versatile and can translate texts from a wide range of categories. Moreover, we work according to the “4 eyes are better than two”-principle because two sets of eyes find mistakes and can make corrections faster than just one set of eyes can.

Some of the categories we do translations in:
  • Correspondence / Applications for Employment
  • Economics / Trade /Banking
  • Software / Internet
  • Marketing / Public Relations
  • Tourism
  • Art / Culture
  • Politics
  • Medicine / Pharmaceuticals
  • Science / Research / Technology
  • Environmental Sciences / Energy
  • Private Documents / Leisure Time Activities
We want you to be satisfied with our work because satisfied customers are our favourite customers. At Language at work your translation is in the best hands from the very start; as soon as you contract our services for a translation, we start translating the text so that you have your translation by a set deadline.

We’ll stay in touch with you or a contact person of your choice while we’re working on your text should there be any questions regarding vocabulary or clarity. In order to have a firm understanding of the text and be able to translate it well, it’s our policy to contact our customers if something is ambiguous.

Before the translation is emailed back to you, it is checked three times: once for vocabulary, once for grammatical correctness, and once for style; in doing so we can assure you get a high quality translation of your text.

How much does a translation cost?
You needn’t worry about cost management when you contract our services for a translation: we work according to fixed prices, i.e. a set price per word to be translated in your original document. Contact us with a short sample text and we’ll be happy to send you an estimate!