Target group:
People who want to have a language course without having to leave their home or office; perfect for parents or participants who don’t have time to travel to a language school.

Please refer to our current price list, which you can DOWNLOAD here.

Participant’s Prerequisites
  • high speed internet connection
  • PayPal account or a current account at a European bank or building society
  • printer
  • webcam
  • Adobe™ Acrobat Reader [Download]
  • Skype™ [Download]

  • Unless otherwise agreed upon, the first three months are to be paid in full in advance by PayPal™ or by bank transfer; the course will only begin after payment has been received. Personal cheques will not be accepted.
  • Should need be, the participants will be assessed according to the COMMON EUROPEAN FRAMEWORK FOR REFERENCE FOR LANGUAGES.
  • The courses are particularly good for certificate courses, tutoring, and individual courses on higher levels.