The name is somewhat misleading: these courses are designed with those students in mind that have little or no interest in business English. In this “general English” category you won’t only find courses that are general in nature by also courses for scientists, medical practitioners and IT specialists.

If you can’t find something you’re looking for, feel free to contact us.  We’ll do our best to design and teach a course that will meet your needs!

English for Science
  • An Introduction to Genetics
  • An Introduction to Haematology
  • An Introduction to Immunology
  • An introduction to microbiology
  • Correct Use of Prepositions
  • Explaining Methods and Procedures
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Introduction to Mathematical Expressions
  • Introduction to the Language of Reports
  • Laboratory Vocabulary
  • Pharmaceutical Vocabulary
  • Presentations with and without Visual Aids
  • Safety Precautions

Technical and Computer English
Technology is a wide field; in fact, we could probably design hundreds of units for it.  That’s why we’d like to limit ourselves to courses you need.  Tell us what you need and what you do in your language and we’ll prepare a language course for you with all the necessary items in it.  Please give us approximately 14 days to prepare before your course is set to begin.

Some of the topics have already been prepared.
  • Basic Tools
  • Describing Processes
  • Discussing Electricity and Magnetism
  • Discussing Metals and alloys
  • Discussing Safety Regulations
  • Explaining Graphs, Tables, and Figures
  • General Computer vocabulary
  • General Internet Vocabulary
  • Presentations with and without Visual Aids
  • Telephoning for Hotline Operators
  • Using Mathematical Expressions
  • Writing Reports

General English
  • Current newspaper articles; Discussing Current Affairs
  • General Geography
  • Impromptu Public Speech [not for beginners]
  • Intercultural Differences between Anglo-Saxons and Germans
  • Introduction to Australian History
  • Introduction to the History of the British Isles
  • Introduction to US American History
  • Literature – reading and discussing
  • Short stories from around the World
  • Surviving in Britain
  • Surviving in the US
  • The Educational System in the United States and in Great Britain
  • he European Union, Member States, Developments
  • The History of Marburg: Sightseeing and giving Directions

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